The Big Victory Podcast

Big Victories Podcast was created by Victor Robenson to bridge the gap between marketing and branding, plus tell a positive story. With the combined background of Ownership, branding, marketing & promotion, business vision and finance, and passion for sports and music came the need for the Big Victory Podcast. With a rolodex of high net worth people, public companies, music artists, athletes, and more we deal with on a day to day basis. Big Victories started its branding off of Victor managing artists and many cold sleepless nights in the studio was birthed the Big Victory hoodie that was followed by several tracks by Big Victories and his artists.

Big Victory Podcast was established to bring out goals and victories by a very diverse set of individuals. These special Guest Host come from all walks of life such as artist, athletes, CEO'S, business owners, marketing & event coordinators, finance & banking, fitness & health, veterans and much more… Big Victories Podcast will be educating views on how these individuals got inspired and what they had to do to win.  Throughout trials and tribulations everyone deserves a big victory stay locked in to find out how these guest host received their trophies. Every Monday  you can tune in on Apple Podcast, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Our sponsors have special interviews, commercials, and links to engage with Big Victories Podcast views. Which makes this podcast special and unique for sponsors to get their individual achievements out and let views check out their products or services.  Big Victories Podcast tells the story of dreamers, go getters, entrepreneur, and hard workers that focused in and became successful. Wondering how people become owners, real estate owners, investors, trend setters, gurus, music icons, and sports legends as these topics come to life.  Success comes on all levels we want to hear how a busboy became a restaurant owner, an entrepreneur started a small business and went viral, a kid with a ball and dream made it, a little song and dance is now entertaining others we want to hear your Big Victory. A lot of people started off with a dollar and a dream we are going get the exclusive on how they funded their business, had the next big app idea, became who they are today.  Fresh new topics like crypto and nfts, what any music artist should know coming into the industry, how to build generational wealth from people in the banking and finance industries, start your own LLC and what it means to be a business owner. 

Do you or someone you know have a story that is big victory worthy please reach out with a testimony. Available on all streaming platforms.